Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BogoTrip and how does it work?

We search across multiple travel partners, aggregate their results and display real time available fares and let you choose the deal you prefer. We do not add any service charge, commission, hidden fees or use cookies to change the fares when you search for a travel deal at BogoTrip. When a booking is successfully completed at our travel partner website you have selected, we are paid referral fees from our travel partners – rest assured - we never charge you anything.

How the fare search results are being displayed?

We help you find the best travel deal at lowest available fares from multiple partners and display the results in order of preference of cheapest fare availability. If the fares are found similar on two or more travel partners the results then displayed depends on some of the important factors such as customer feedback, user experience and overall customer satisfaction.

We aim to provide you comprehensive listing of all available offers and we are constantly working to be one stop solution for simplifying all your travel requirements to make sure you don’t have to look further to search for best available travel deals around the globe.

If there are any issues, please send us as much information as possible, such as what went wrong, what were your exact search criteria, and we’ll be happy to resolve the issue in no time.

What is included in the fares search results displayed?

We make all efforts to display the fares on search page inclusive of all mandatory fees and surcharges, however, on some occasions due to technical issues, complete fees information not received from travel partners that may lead to fare inaccuracies. We recommend you to double check the break-up of the final fare on the booking page once you are redirected to travel partner website where you can also select or deselect the optional or extra services (like baggage, travel insurance, etc) that you may prefer to opt in or not and take the best informed decision. We assure you that we are constantly working to bring in as much transparency as possible in fares that are displayed on the search result page.

In case you have any further query in respect of what is included in the fare, please contact the airline / hotel / travel partner directly with whom you have booked or planning to book later as they will be able to help you with your query.

Please share your valuable feedback about the search results displayed to keep us improving.

How do I complete payment for my travel booking?

We help you plan your trip but we don’t accept payments for your booking at BogoTrip website. After you have selected your preferred deal, we redirect you to concerned travel partner where you need to make the payment and complete your booking. There you can choose the payment method you prefer out of the different payment modes mentioned on travel partner website.

.In case you need any assistance on how to pay with a particular mode of payment, you can contact the partner directly with the details on their website. Please note once you have made the payment, concerned travel partner may contact you for details required, if any to process your booking. For any support on your booking, please feel free to contact the travel partner directly.

After I selected my preferred deal on BogoTrip, Why the price has changed on the travel partner website I was redirected to?

We make every effort to ensure that the prices displayed on BogoTrip website are accurate and up to date, but prices can fluctuate frequently depending on availability status. Due to dynamic pricing structure, it is not possible for us to guarantee prices from travel partners. Also there are only certain no of seats available at a particular price point and once these seats are sold out, the next price category becomes available at next higher price point. For example, if there is only single ticket available at first price category, the total price may increase based on next price category if you are searching for 2 or more passengers in a single ticket.

Sometimes there may be accuracy issues with the information we're receiving from them or there may be technical reasons why the price is not displayed accurately. For example, there may be instance when you may see a price displayed on BogoTrip may no longer be available on travel partner website due to a particular flight seat or hotel room already sold to another person.

Can you send me a travel quote for my preferred deal?

We’re sorry we can’t send you travel quote as the fares are constantly fluctuating due to dynamic pricing structure followed by industry practices. The best solution will be to conduct a fresh search on BogoTrip anytime you wish to fetch real time available prices on your preferred travel.

My bank account, credit or debit card was charged but I didn’t receive booking confirmation. Where is my booking confirmation?

After you have made the payment towards your booking, the concerned travel partner will send you a confirmation email. In case your account or card is charged but you still have not received booking confirmation from partner, we request you to check your spam or junk email folder

If still you didn’t find your confirmation email, please contact the travel partner directly with whom you have booked, as they have information with respect to your booking. If you are not sure who is your travel partner, please check with your account or card statement to see who has charged. Also please remember sometimes it may takes up to 24 hours to issue a ticket that is why checking with travel partner directly is the best option.

In some cases, where an error that may have occurred during booking or payment processing resulting into amount getting debited from your account or card, but travel partner is unable to confirm your booking. In such cases, the amount debited will be refunded back to your respective account or card in few days time depending on refund processing time taken by your bank.

Who should I contact for changes, cancellations and refunds in existing booking?

Please remember we are not a travel agency, as we don’t sell tickets directly or accept any payments from customers. In case you have any questions about your existing booking, making any changes, baggage related, meal preferences, seating preferences, cancellations, refunds, or query what is allowed in check-in bag or hand bag, or in some instances where your booking is cancelled or rescheduled due to operational reasons, please contact the concerned airline or travel partner you have booked with directly to process your request on immediate priority.

If you are not sure who is your travel partner you have made booking with, please check with booking confirmation or check your bank account or card statement to see who has charged.

How do I search and book in my preferred currency? What if I get redirected to partner website where currency is different?

You can search and pay in your preferred currency once you are redirected to the travel partner website. In some cases if you are redirected to a travel partner who cannot charge you in your preferred currency, then the currency conversion will be done by your bank or card service provider. In case you see different currency than your preferred one, please contact your bank or card service provider to confirm the exchange fee that they may apply for currency conversion.

How do I find the best fare?

You can make use of Travel Calendar to find the cheapest dates to fly to your destination. It shows you estimate fares for your flights based on previous searches. If you are flexible with your travel dates, then travel calendar could help to save you money.

What if redirect link to travel partner’s website not working or I’m facing service related issues with a travel partner?

In case you observe that the redirect link to travel partner website is not working due to error message, incorrect flights information listing, etc, please inform us via feedback page with as much information as you can to help us to take up the issue with partner for resolution.

While we strive to work with trusted travel partners and committed to the extent that our users have best experience with them at all times, BogoTrip cannot be held responsible for the customer service levels of our travel partners and we therefore request you to contact them directly in case of any service delivery issues. In case the issue is critical and you want us to be aware of the same, we request you to share your feedback with the experience you had with the travel partner. We at regular intervals assess the quality of the service you’re getting from a travel partner and whether the provider offers full transparency in regard to booking or baggage fees. If a provider isn’t upfront with their fees, we tend not to recommend them.

How do I search for multi-city flights?

If you to wish to travel to multiple destinations as per your preferred dates and have just one air ticket issued for whole tour, you can do the same by selecting ‘Multi-city’ in the search bar. Once you have selected the same, enter destinations with travel date one by one, select no of travelers, travel class and press search to have listing of best available deals from where you can choose.

I want to book flight tickets for more than 9 passengers. How do I make group bookings?

Due to airlines policies on group bookings, it is not possible to search for more than 9 passengers at one particular time on BogoTrip or any travel partner website. Therefore, if you wish to make group bookings for more than 9 passengers, we recommend you to split and book multiple tickets with 9 passengers each in a single ticket or otherwise you can also contact airlines directly to find out their pricing policy on group bookings on particular date and travel route you are looking for.

Visa, Passport and Travel Documents Related

We recommend you to check with your concerned airline, travel partner, local embassy or consulate to ensure you have required travel visa, passport and travel documents before finalizing booking and travelling to that particular country. Please note that if you have a stopover in a country other than your final destination country, then you may also require a transit visa.

What is there in BogoTrip Login Profile and My Trips?

With BogoTrip login profile and my trips section, you can manage your saved results, price alerts, email newsletter subscriptions. You can create a login profile with BogoTrip using your Facebook, Google, Email or Mobile No OTP.

My Trips keeps track of your travel search that you interested and have shortlisted to come back to it later on. You can also track the price or import your travel bookings confirmations or auto-sync with your email, so that every booking is saved in one place.

How do I create or remove a Price Alert?

With BogoTrip you can create a price alert for your searched routes, flights or hotels. When you sign up for price alerts, we’ll keep sending regular price updates and let you know if the price has changed significantly. When you have made flight or hotel search, you can enable the price alerts on the results page if you are logged in, otherwise enter your email to get registered for updates.

You can view, change or delete the price alert feature in your login profile after you’re logged in or you can unsubscribe to the price alert with the link sent to your email.

I made bookings with BogoTrip but unable to see these bookings in my login profile?

BogoTrip does not sell tickets directly like a travel agent and we don’t have information on the bookings that you have completed with our travel partners, and therefore we cannot display your bookings information in your profile unless you import these travel bookings to your login profile section by either forwarding them or by auto-syncing with your email.

How do I edit my personal information with you?

In case you need to edit your personal information you can do so in your login profile section. You can upload your profile picture manually or the same is imported automatically if you have logged in with social networking accounts such as Google or Facebook.

How do I unsubscribe from your email newsletters?

You can unsubscribe from newsletters or emails from BogoTrip following the links in email.

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